Days of the Black Sun

The Sacrifice
The Black Tower of Aganhim I

[Please play the following as you read along]



What follows is the lost history of when the world fell under….


It aaaaaaall began one evening in the small town of Tirsfal, as all things horrible and insidious are birthed from such tragic wombs. Evil hath many forms, by far the most wicked, the most vile, is that when evil walks the earth in the husk of the Nachthexen. Many Laodamias and Herzomites knew what it was to have their souls gored on by such a plague, I can tell you! However, the she-devils only rise to challenge the light when the good lord Pelor is at his weakest, that of the Witch’s Sabbath! It was on this day, the day not of our lord, that the Three approached the fallen woods. It is said that on such a day, there are no heroes, just survivors! Indeed! Here is their tale!

Dinnis, Wolf, and Holgar all bought a seat on a carriage heading north-west from the capital of the Empire. Strangers at first, they would soon bond lovingly through the trials that awaited them, until the adventure ended and Dinnis and Holgar ran away never to be seen again…. Anyways, short story long, the carriage suddenly lurches and throws the three around. Getting out to inspect, they find the driver standing over a mangled body. The driver claims he swerved to miss the man who came running out of the woods. The body is missing one arm and the man appeared to have died from blood loss through the wound. The three notice that the other hand is tattooed with a symbol that denotes a prisoner. With the carriage wrecked, the driver recommends the three go a few miles up the road to Tirsfal and spend the night, where he will meet them once he finishes repairs. The three agree because what could possibly go wrong??

The three enter the inn, where they chat with the locals and replenish their stomachs. Dinnis prophetically remarks that there might be werewolves under the inn, and everybody laughs… for a time. They talk with one patron, a knight, who makes small talk. All three go to bed, but are awoken by what seems like screams. They go back to sleep because the inn has some high quality locks on the doors. Upon waking up, they are greeted by the knight, Armand, who reveals himself to be a member of the Silver Dawn. He explains that low ranking members are sent on investigative missions to weed out false reports. He goes on to further explain that he was contacted by the Elder of Pelor in Tirsfal over possible corruptive forces. Armand admits he is nervous, and everyone agrees they heard sounds in the night. Armand leads them to where he was to meet the Edler, Castoriadis, at a near by farmer’s house.

They arrive at Wheatley’s house and do not find the Elder. They do find Wheatley, who is in a trance-like state standing next to a well surrounded by dead animals. They investigate the well and find the water is an opaque black. Wheatley goes inside and the three follow. Inside, they investigate a backroom, where all walk in naturally, so Wheatley shuts the door on them. Inside the room is his wife, who is a horrible zombie. They manage to defeat her, utilizing the chains that shackled her. They escape through the roof and re-enter the house to tie up Wheatley. Armand then suggests checking the church for Castoriadis, but they do not find him there either. They investigate the graveyard where they find an uncovered grave with a witch’s hex and follow footprints which lead to a hole in the iron fence. They decide to split up, with Holgar and Dinnis going to find the Constable, and Wolf and Armand going to find Castoriadis at his house. Holgar and Dinnis find the Constable, who is blackout drunk, and waste a lot of time in his house. Wolf and Armand smartly do not enter the house but do some surveillance first, they guess there’s probably something bad inside. Holgar and Dinnis arrive finally, so they all go in. Zombies, wearing shirts with numbers on them, attack! Armand is ripped in half. The three survive and loot the house. They find some useful books and notice the clocks stopped at a peculiar time.

The three then search a house that has its door ripped off. They find a massacre inside. Wolf uses his ol’ thinking cap and decides it was probably some big monster that done did the homeowner in. They read a diary that sounds super spooky, where the murdered man mentions something saw him while he was out in the forest. They find a map of the stars, but at no point in the entire campaign do they actually look up and see if it had any relevance. It did. Had the three chosen to do so, they might have learned that the Witch’s Sabbath occurred when the dark star of Vecna eclipsed Pelor’s bright star, which is a really, really cool idea, but they didn’t care. Anyways, they moved on, finding an interesting character named Remsfield. He is a nervous fellow who wants them to leave, so they don’t. Upon looking in the attic, Holgar and Dinnis notice a large casket and run at it while Wolf howls in horror at them. Dinnis shouts something and awakens the vampire inside. Luckily, Wolf tries to reason with it, and with always a need for new slaves, the vampire listens. Isabel is her name, and she explains that she has been hunting a werewolf, and thinks its in this location. This coincides with the murdered man, and everyone says, hey, maybe the werewolf did it. Holgar then makes numerous intelligence checks and fails all of them. Isabel commands (and they obey) them to check out the mayor’s house.

They do. Inside they find a chest with a puppet mayor. They say, that’s creepy! Then a ninja attacks them. They dispose of the invisible assailant and find a letter that mentions some other player has made contact with witches in the area, promising them a nice sacrifice for protecting the area from nosey people. The nosey three then check out the secret in the graveyard, which corresponded to the time. In the bottom of it, there is a black crystal, which Dinnis touches. He has a vision where he learns some important things: First, the town was built on the spot where Pelor’s champion rended Vecna’s own heart from his chest, which was the crystal, in a battle that happened thousands of years ago. Second: The Silver Dawn and the Church of Pelor entombed the heart and secured the area with several ikons of Pelor and built a church on top to suppress its evil powers. Third: Using one of the books that chronicled the Elders of the town, the prestige of the Elders fell with time as the threat was forgotten about. Four: Graverobbers came and stole the silver ikons from the tomb. Five: This allowed the heart of Vecna to slowly poison the land. Six: Someone had been there recently, and a vision was shown of them, in a tower performing some ritual over some bones.

They exited the tomb and took Armand and put him in a wooden chest. They put the chest in the open grave. They then heard Armand come back and begin banging on the lid. So they lit it on fire. They then returned to Isabel where she said to meet her in the woods. Before they do, they check out the Butcher’s house. Inside, they find his secret hiding spot, where they read his diary and find out the werewolf has been stalking his house for two nights, but he hides in a crate and masks his smell. The werewolf ate all his meat, so in order to continue to distract it, he killed people to replenish his supply. They also find a land deed. Foolishly, they go into the basement where they find the bodies of the bandits that have matching tattoos. Then the butcher came home. They battle, water gets everywhere, it was a hoot. Dinnis threw a slab of meat at the butcher’s face. They kill the butcher and find the new batch of people he brought home were not criminals.

Finally, they go to the forest. The final battle ensues, wolves attack, fires are lit, swings are missed, witches go invisible, Dinnis makes a run for it, runs for it right into the main boss, Holgar chops a lot of witches up. Some shadowy figures called the Bel-Moth disappear into the woods. The vampire goes to slay the tied up werewolf, of which the witches were going to sacrifice as a powerful offering to the witch god Wee Jas, but then Wolf remembers the reports of a lost little girl, and puts two and two together. They grapple the vampire and tie her up. Then a long debate follows, where the DM very generously asks, are you sure you’re not missing something before the sun comes up? The three say nope! And then the vampire dies. The little girl however is saved. They return to the town and find Remsfield gone, so they leave a note. The Innkeeper has a carriage ready, because he is getting the hell out of dodge, and offers them a ride out. Dinnis finishes a beer and throws the bottle on the ground and kicks it away.


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